Canada Protection Plan

Canada Protection Plan

Why do I need Life Insurance?
Getting life insurance is one of the biggest and most important decisions you can make for your family’s financial well-being. The tax-free benefit of a life insurance policy can provide you with this peace of mind.

Your goals for a life insurance policy will help to determine the best plan for you. Have you just taken on additional debt, like a mortgage, perhaps covering a child’s education, or simply to ensure that your final expenses are covered so that that your loved ones will not suffer financially?

Why consider Canada Protection Plan’s No Medical Life Insurance & Simplified Issue Life Insurance.

  • You’re a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or have a valid work permit
  • You have some health problems
  • You’re hard to insure
  • You have a dangerous job or participate in hazardous or extreme sports
  • You don’t like needles or medical exams
  • You just want your coverage fast

How much coverage can I get? How much do I need?
Canada Protection Plan ofers coverage from $5,000 up to $1,000,000 depending on the plan. No matter your health, ages 18 to 80 years can apply. Their No Medical plans ofer coverage up to $500,000. As for how much coverage you may need? The amount depends on each individual. Are you covered for final expenses, a mortgage, personal loans, emergency funds, maybe a child’s or a grandchild’s education or perhaps wanting to leave something to your favourite charity?

By discussing your specific needs, we can help to ensure that your family is not left with any financial burden. Contact us today.